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Wayne Marble

CCW Conceal and Carry classes.

BSJJ students opportunity to get your CCW.  
December 10, 2013

Wayne Marble

December 6, 2013

Wayne Marble

September 12, 2013

Wayne Marble

Judo and Jiujitsu demo at Old Navy

Kids demonstrating their skills at Old Navy today!  
September 7, 2013

Wayne Marble

Oh man! I guess you have to hold your phone or computer upside down to see the picture correctly.

Wayne Marble

NAGA St. Louis results

BSJJ represented really well!  
July 20, 2013

Wayne Marble

Rash Guard Order Information

$44.99 paid by July 29th for order  
July 15, 2013

Steve Jackson

I need 1 XL and Alex need 1 Kids large

Chris Handy

I will take a large.

Brian Miller

I would like an XL. Thanks!

Brandon Cox


Chad Howell

Chad Howell - xl

Hunter Jenkins

Hunter and Ty will need adult medium each please

Tyler Perkins


Vince Carrillo

I want one for me. Adult Medium. And one for Deana. Adult small if unisex. If not Womens medium.

Eric Schmalzbach

Ill need a kids medium, and a 2xl for me. Thanks,

Stephen White

I need a large

Wayne Marble

New Rash Guard shirts coming SOON!!!

I need to get a count of how many I need to order!!!   Read more...
July 11, 2013

Wayne Marble

Potluck after the Mackenzie Dern Seminar

We will have a potluck cookout after the seminar this Saturday July 13th!   Read more...
July 6, 2013

Wayne Marble

So far have Chris Handy bringing Cheesy Potatoes and Stephen White bringing chopped salad. What are the rest of you bringing? Post it here! I don't want to end up with 30 bags of Doritos and nothing to wash them down with!

Wayne Marble

Liam Sport's Hip Throw

Liam throw's Tyler Perkins with a hip throw.  
July 3, 2013

terry sport

Good job son! He was so happy he still brags about it......Lets see you do this at NAGA on 7-20-13